Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage: Content Strategies for the 5th Screen by Keith Kelsen should be an interesting read. I have not read it yet- but from reading the expert it has a strong emphasis on content strategy and how to measure the effectiveness of it all. If you have read it please feel free to let us know how it is. I put it in our bookstore with the other two digital signage books that have been written.

I publicly admit that I am in awe of the books that have been written. I know a lot of time and work must have been put into them and I hope even more will be published from people all across the entire digital signage industry. Read More…

Learn how tailored signage solutions deliver superior results and lower total cost of ownership for the healthcare, education, hospitality and entertainment markets.

Today’s digital signage systems promise a revolution in communications and content delivery across a wide range of industries. This white paper looks at the Visual Ecosystems for the healthcare, movie theater, hospitality, and education markets by exploring each of these industry’s requirements for reliability, scalability, and visual compatibility with existing building aesthetics. Simply put, “off the shelf” digital signage systems fall short. Learn More…

Digital Signage Domains For Sale
Due to lack of time to develop these to the full potential, I am selling these great digital signage domains. Please visit each site for information.

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All offers will be considered. I do not have time for auctions so if you would like
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This is my product pick of the summer! If you want to enhance your business and empower your customers, this is pretty interesting. I really like the concept of the window application and the templates. I think anyone can use this no matter where they are in their digital signage plans. If you sell products, you can add it to your lineup OR if you have been on the fence about deploying signage this is your chance at a unique application. Nothing could be better than utilizing your store or company windows for sales messages.

Hurry!! because this Webinar is Tuesday! Also, check out the spiffy graphic page that they made. NICE! I like it that they are a Seattle company. I will be sitting in on the Webinar as well, so SEE you there!


Have a GREAT Digital Signage Day!



I can’t help it, but this story reminds me of the Titanic with its super fast new engines and its ego driven need for speed that was its demise. This will undoubtedly change the distribution channels and should make resellers carefully choose suppliers who (moving forward) are in it for the long haul.

But… How will this affect the Digital Signage Industry? READ MORE LIVE NEWS!

UPDATE: For our friends in the industry. If you are in need of employment we have opened a new thread called “employment wanted” on the digital signage forum.

The Award’s were finally presented in person at the digital signage show on May 7th on the Tech talk floor. Thanks to all who attended and congratulations again to the winners. Watch the video for the live award action!

Also, we entered to win a contest and this is our video submission about our trip on Virgin America.

See it here! You can also see the cool screens and interactive content RED has to offer. The plane could land in water..and no one would care, it is a mega media experience!
click here Virgin American Airlines.

Please do a thumbs up vote if you can. We might win 4 free tickets if we win.

More Videos of the show are coming soon. So stay tuned!